“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”   This quote could not be truer for me as Pam came into my life at the most appropriate time.  My former counselor helped me immensely as she navigated me through the minefields of the nasty dissolution of my thirty year marriage and the breaking up of my family.  She had taken me as far as she could but I felt stuck in the mud, just spinning my wheels.  And into my life came Pam!  Since my preteen years I have always been able to see who I aspired to be but all I could do was search for ways to become that person who I longed to be in my heart.  Within the first two sessions, I realized that Pam was the maP I had been looking for!  Pam’s approach is warm, supportive, positive, honest (ouch, sometimes!), encouraging, creative, and pure.   And the homework helps!  The work that I needed to do did not always come easily but with Pam’s insight, knowledge, guidance and patience I am happily and joyfully at last living in my Brilliance and looking forward to my continued growth. –S.C. Westerly, RI


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for getting me back on track to enjoying my life. I have always tried to be a positive person, but in this day and age it's sometimes very difficult to deal with all the negativity. You have made me more aware of how to enhance, and rekindle the forces of positive thinking to fend off the negatives that come our way. We can't control all that happens in our lives , but we can control our attitude, and how we react to different situations. Your approach to life is amazing, you have truly made a very big difference in my attitude and approach to staying focused and being happy with my life. Again, thank you for all your help.
VS -Apache Junction, AZ


Hi Pamela;

My husband and I would like to thank you for helping us get back to be being a couple again. As we get older we tend to take each other for granted in our day to day lives. You have shown us a path to being grateful for one another, and enjoying our time together. Since we started our sessions with you, we have both experienced a rekindling of why we have been together for such a long time. Good times as well as bad times are part of life, it's how you adjust to them that is the key to being content with ourselves. You have given us much to think about, and how to use each other's strengths to overcome life's challenges. Counting on each other, and taking the time to appreciate one another as individuals, will truly be a factor to enjoying life in our remaining years. Again thank you for your realistic approach to the world we live in.
Sincerely, T. M. -SanTan Valley, AZ