What’s Your Story?


We all use stories to help express our identity.  We use them to explain who we are, what we do, what we expect and so on.

Our stories are incredibly powerful.  We will go to great lengths to “prove” them to ourselves.  We hold ourselves to them, and not surprisingly, other people hold us to them as well.

Because they are so powerful, it only makes sense for us to be telling the most wonderful, empowering and positive stories possible.  We always have a choice to tell an empowering story or a disempowering story no matter what the story is about.

When I say “story”, you may have immediately thought of something written.   I also mean:

  • The emotions, feelings you want to feel most.
  • A picture in your head that is “your story”.
  • An energy that you feel and carry.

We have a tendency to gravitate toward the language and emotions that are most familiar to us. (Even if we don’t like them.)  We have a version of our story we share with others and a version we keep for ourselves.  Rarely though, do we make time to really take a look at or write down the emotions and language we spend most of our time feeling and living!  Let’s turn our focus to things we sort of live with and look for opportunities to thrive.  Take a moment to check in with yourself:

  • Are the stories you tell about your growth, your emerging, and the authentic you?
  • Are they about bad things that happened to you and keep happening?
  • Are you using them as evidence to support your fears or give your power away?
  • Has your story inadvertently become an obstacle to your progress and growth?
  • What story are you holding yourself to?
  • What story are others holding you to?
  • Think about your family and friends. What stories do you hold them to?
Now the big question: Who could you or they become if some of those stories weren’t in the way?

It’s your turn to shine!  Envision a new, compelling story for yourself. Picture the optimal you.  Write down some powerful statements that resonate with this optimal vision.  Make that your new story and focus.  Begin living from that point of focus and see what wonderful changes are there just waiting for the Amazing You!  Don’t be afraid of living “Happily Ever After.”

If you get stuck, I am here to help.