I'm BAD.  Care to Join Me?

Recently, I was taking a look over my shoulder at some of the amazing things that had "miraculously fallen" into place lately.  As I allowed the groovy, wowsa, goodness of these "miracles" to sink into my being, I began to notice something even more amazing.  These were not isolated incidents!  As a matter of fact, the farther back I looked, the more "miracles" I found!  Sure, there was some bad stuff...some dreadfully bad and some dreadfully stupid...oh so very stupid!

However, after each seemingly "bad" episode came a place of thrilling EXPANSION.  It was as if each bump in the road was a prayer that was then answered beyond my expectations.  How could I have lost sight of this?  It was happening over and over! (Dreadfully stupid, right?)  There is a force at work that absolutely has my back. The message became very clear and more powerful than it ever has.  The more I lived from a place of gratitude and expectancy, the more miracles came my way.   I definitely needed to BANISH ALL DOUBT about my dreams not being realized.  

When things don't go exactly my way, I sometimes start doubting.  I get caught up in what I perceive as "bad" in the moment.  My expectation may shift from all goodness coming my way to problems stacking on problems.  My doubt tells me to resist instead of taking the opportunity to grow and flow toward more abundance.  It is the negative change in expectation and resistance that slows me down.  This exact moment is my cue to Banish All Doubt.  How much more evidence do I need?  It is time!  It is well past time, and I am no longer a pawn to my own perceptions.  I am banishing all doubt!

How about you? Have you ever experienced something you perceived as a loss only to have everything work out better than you ever imagined?  How many times have you made a mental note to bring something into your life? 

Take a look back at those and see how many, many things, people, situations you have brought into your experience in ways that completely tickle you and cause you to smile from ear to ear.  Take a moment to list at least 10 from different points in your life....then, banish all doubt!  The universe totally has your back.  We are creators on a mission of love, joy, and expression! Opportunities abound for us always! It is our fear, resistance and doubt that get in the way.  

Let's BANISH ALL DOUBT together.