By the way, I hate the term "Life Coach"... 

I think people have a hard time connecting the term to all that coaching has to offer.  Help with so many things is easier to get than you may think.  Terminology should not stand in the way.

I though it would be fun to play with some alternative phrasing.  Contact me and let me know if you have any favorites. Here are my offerings for your kind consideration: 

Insight Inspirer

Success & Accountability Consultant

Happiness Creation Specialist

Change Your Perception, Change Your Life Facilitator

Guru of "Go You!"

Provoker of Personal Power

Unsticker of the Stuck

Life-Stage Transition Trainer

Life Propulsion Expert

Rocky Relationship Revitalisor

Spark Sparker

Action Activator

Professional Muse

I Believe in Your Dreams Too! Esquire

"Now What?" Navigator

Strengths Finder, Appreciator & Applicator