I’m Trying So Hard!

I know you are.  And, I know the frustration of trying “hard” and of giving up from not seeing the progress expected after all of my effort. 

But, what if all that we were missing were a few insights and tools to get the “Amazing Train” rolling in the right direction? What if we also discovered that there are ways to try that require less effort, and are fun, not “hard”?  (So many options!)

If you have been putting any effort into making a situation better, or a relationship better, or yourself better, (whatever “better” means to you), you are already on your way there!  You are already closer than you think you are. 

Can all things be better?  Well, the short answer is yes.  Because if we move with compassion and honesty with ourselves, we change the way we look at things.  So, while we can’t change every person or situation in our lives, we can change how we respond to them, (which changes them indirectly in relation to us).   You are only a thought away from where you want to be.  You can’t imagine how one thought can stand in your way until you give yourself permission to “unthink” it.   If you are ready to see how truly magnificent and worthy you are, I want to work with you.

As your coach, I want to help you see the progress you have already made and help guide you to areas that still need some of your magic touch.  Together, we can also work on making that magic touch of yours more powerful and effective…and magnificent! 

You have everything you need to stand in your power to create, and to bring those creations into your life.  It is already within you and you are it.  It’s just waiting for you to claim it! 

If you resonate with what I have written, I may be the coach for you.  If I’m not, please don’t give up finding the right fit for you.  You and what you have to share with the world are worth it.