Ew! Did You Say Tasks and Homework?

Relax.  It’s not that bad.  I know we are all rebels when it comes to “assignments”.  Especially when they are termed “homework.”

Many times, we simply get stuck running through the same types of patterns, actions or limiting beliefs over and over.  If we realized we were doing this, we would simply stop and do something else.  But, for many reasons, we can’t see an alternative.  What we do know is that we are in a state of frustrated limbo.  We know we need to make a change.  But, how?

During our conversations, we will discover the context of these patterns, limits and beliefs.  As we do, we will explore new ways of looking at things and new tools and techniques you can put into action. These may be new thought processes, actions and ways of focusing for you. Practicing between sessions will help accelerate your progress. 

Practicing gives you power over your perceived limits.  It helps you create positive momentum and the ideal conditions for deeper breakthroughs.  You get to take ownership and mastery of your success.  This results in greater confidence in your own abilities, and a natural, radiant strength.

Here are some of the comments I get about homework:  “That was so fun and easy!”  “Wow, that really changed my perspective.”  “I get it!  I finally get it!”  “Can I keep doing that?”  “I did it and it changed the whole situation.”  “Now I know why you had me do that.”

Armed with a compassionate sense of honesty, a sense of humor, and a willingness to make your best effort, you can accomplish more than you think. 

My greatest wish is for you to reach beyond where you thought you could.  Over time, you will begin to create your own tasks and know exactly what you need to practice.  Your new focus, insights and beliefs will be right on target with your new dreams.  You will soar!  The rest of the world and I will get to behold your brilliance!

You will know with your whole heart that you did it!