What is Strategic Intervention?

Strategic Intervention draws its strength from a variety of disciplines including the works of: Victor Frankl, Milton Erickson, Strategic Family Therapy, the Gregory Bateson Group, organizational psychology, neurolinguistics, Human Needs Psychology, traditions of diplomacy and negotiation, and others.

Strategic Intervention integrates the core insights of these traditions, to derive practical, strategic action yielding more progress with less effort.

This innovative, approach provides a powerful, holistic benefit to the individual and those within their circle of influence by expressing, elevating and meeting more needs in positive ways at very high levels.

How I Use Strategic Intervention To Help You

My work is more active than some coaching models you may have heard about. You will most likely be assigned tasks that will help reinforce our work together. Tasks help you gain power and responsibility over positive changes as well as shifting your body's biochemistry. This gives you a mental and physical advantage over limiting beliefs and behaviors.

I strive to really understand you, your life, and your most important relationships. Together, we can bring about the changes that will help support you and move you forward.

My goal is to help you spring beyond the next level. I want for you to truly experience what it means to be you in all of your unique, amazing brilliance!